1974’ten beri

From yesterday to today…

In line with the need of the vehicles used in agriculture and construction industry in our country, our company established its own plant in 1974 and started production of hand carts and shovels.

Our company, which is managed by the third generation, is institutionalized over time, protecting the respectable place in the sector. CNC machines, which we have added to our machine park, are not enough with our standards, we are going up our quality line. Using today’s technology, we ensure that our products reach our customers more economically.

In production of demounted wheelbarrow, we avoid the problems that may occur in shipments. When our production runs at full capacity, it is the potential to meet all domestic and international needs. We continue our work for the production of handicrafts suitable for the needs of the Turkish economy and for the future with our first day’s work.

Our company, which knows what the feeling of trusting is and accepts it as a principle in trade, has not lost mutual sincerity with the understanding of the trade which always grows with its customers aiming at growth.

Our own sector always providing quality and reliable service, to ensure customer satisfaction. Our expertise and professionalism do not only meet our customers' needs and expectations, but also seek perfection to give more.
Taking our achievements in the sector to the next generations, taking part in the most successful companies with the corporate culture we have created.